CARE about Safety
CARE about the Environment
CARE about Savings

LED flares are the future of emergency roadway safety. LED flares are becoming the best practice for roadway safety around the globe.

The CARE-FLARE, a patented, innovative LED flare solution, introduces a new standard to roadway safety. The CARE-FLARE is intuitive to use, highly visible, reliable in even the most extreme conditions and environmentally friendly.

About Safety

Whether you are in the field of emergency services, military, aviation, road construction, trucking, tow trucking, etc. – the CARE-FLARE can save your life. Its simple and intuitive design allows for quick deployment during emergencies. Its durable construct provides reliability in all environments and its heightened visibility ensures that you WILL be seen.

About the Environment

The LED NON-combustible light source of the CARE-FLARE provides an ideal environmentally conscious alternative to combustible (or incendiary) flares. Their dangerous smoke and hazardous waste are not only harmful to the environment, but also increase the likelihood of injury to the operator.

About Savings

The CARE-FLARE is a reusable long lasting product that saves you more money the more you use it. In fact, the CARE-FLARE costs a few cents an hour to operate and begins saving you money after only a few hours of use. Don’t burn resources on dated technology or inferior substitutes.

How to buy?

The CARE-FLARE is available world-wide and comes in quantities to suit your requirements. Please fill out our quote request form to receive more information and to findout where your next dealer is located.