Overview & Specifications

Care-Flare is a perfect solution for tapering lanes and warning oncoming traffic in an effective, safe, and user-friendly way.

Care-Flare’s unique design reflects its simplicity, durability, reliability and ease of use.

  • Robust structure ensures that it functions even in the most volatile conditions
  • Its height ensures maximum visibility
  • Has simple settings that are easy to activate
  • Bright light output can be seen from 2000+ metres / 6560+ ft
  • Can run for 70+ hours without battery change
  • Functions in extreme cold (-40C / -40F) and heat (+40C / 104F)
  • Drop resistant and waterproof

For a complete list of product specifications, click here.

For the Care-Flare user manual, click here.

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Choose Right, Choose Bright

The Care-Flare is essential for EVERYONE who drives. Crashes involving pulled over vehicles are an all too common devastating occurrence. Annually, nearly 350,000 parked or disabled vehicle crashes occur in the U.S. alone, in which an average of 507 people are killed and over 30,000 people are injured (The Impact of Highway Safety Flares on Driver Behavior). Having professional-grade Care-Flares handy could be a life saving decision during emergencies or vehicle failures.

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