Why Choose Care-Flare

To this day, combustible flares are still used despite their many drawbacks. They burn at high temperatures and can ignite fires and injure those who use them (Evaluation of Chemical and Electric Flares). They are challenging to handle, burnout quickly, pollute our air and leave hazardous waste on roads which contaminates our water (Evaluation of Alternative Causes of Widespread, Low Concentration Perchlorate Impacts to Groundwater).

Care-Flare has significant safety, environmental and financial benefits compared to the combustible flare.

For example, to create a solid red light for 100 hours…

You will need to use…





200+ Combustible Flares

Why Choose Care-Flare

You arrive to a serious motor vehicle collision. There’s oncoming traffic that needs to be warned to prevent additional injuries. You have a choice: to spend valuable minutes on sparking combustible flares and hope that they ignite or burn long enough, hope they’re visible, hope they don’t burn you or cause fires… or take a few seconds to deploy Care-Flares, the safe, quick, easy and reliable solution.

Make the wise choice, choose Care-Flare.

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